Jennifer Lopez being a self-centered diva?  Get right out of town!

Back in 2008, New York Magazine reported that Jennifer Lopez couldn't understand why someone like Michael Phelps would be a bigger story than her.  Between segments on "Good Morning America", J-Lo was heard saying she didn't understand why everyone was talking about "that swimmer" and not her.  Michael Phelps had just won 8 gold medals at the Olympics, but Lopez thought that her training for a triathlon just 6 months after having twins was the bigger story.

Unfortunately, almost a decade later, J-Lo is still all about herself.  Insiders let slip to Popeater that this season of American Idol was supposed to be J-Lo's big comeback, the branding of the show was supposed to surround Lopez, but Steven Tyler is emerging as the focal point.  One source said,

"She's mystified at how this happened and has made it very clear to the producers that the cameras need to spend a little more time adoring Jennifer's favorite idol -- herself!"

Seriously, what has she done to even think she's deserving of such attention?  I can't think of a single movie she's done since "Selena" where I thought, "Wow... she did a great job!"  And maybe its just a musical taste thing, but I've never liked her singing.