Only days after being released from a Texas hospital after suffering a heart attack and being put into a medically induced coma, Gallagher is now in an Arizona hospital after a second heart attack.

65-year-old Leo Gallagher was taken to the hospital by his son earlier today after complaining that he wasn't feeling well.  While at a Sedona hospital, Gallagher had another heart attack.  Gallagher's spokeswoman confirmed to E! News,

"He had another minor heart attack today, but is resting well in a Sedona hospital. He was trying to gets a refill today, but nevertheless he is with family doing OK."

However, his rep also confirmed that Gallagher does not like being told what to do, and not resting.  After his earlier heart attack, Gallagher made references to retiring from touring, saying he was sick and tired of it and that touring in clubs and bars was like babysitting people who can't hold their alcohol.  Friends and family of Gallagher are hoping the once-popular comedian will take doctor's order and rest, maybe devoting more time to his other pursuits like screen writing and creating graphic novels.

Gallagher's career was at its peak in the 80s, being one of the most popular and recognizable comedians of the day, appearting in 14 Showtime specials.  Gallagher's popularity started to fall off during the 90s, around the same time he ran into legal trouble with his brother Ron.  Noting the high demand for his act, Leo and Ron devised "Gallagher Too: The Sequel", an act done by Ron, who looked a great deal like his older brother, using Leo's old routines and props.  According to Leo, the act was to be done in such a way that people would understand they weren't seeing the original Gallagher, but after some time, Ron started to blur the lines and bill himself as "Gallagher".  The courts ended up siding with Leo, saying that Ron could not perform any act that imitated Leo, and Ron couldn't even make his appearance similar to Leo's.  Reportedly, many members of the Gallagher family sided with Ron, leaving family tension with Leo to this day.