Back in August, I had the pleasure to interview Nick Turnbow and Jesse Johnson, the minds behind a new local film "3 Ways To Kill A Mook".  Using friends, family, and Hollywood-level equipment, Jesse and Nick were able to knock out principle photography in just three days, using locations like Sala-Deli and a mansion here in Wichita Falls.  At the time of the interview, the trailer was actually already cut together, but the music had not been finalized.  Earlier today, Jesse was finally able to upload the completed trailer to Facebook and Youtube!  If you haven't heard about the film yet, the synopsis according to their Facebook page is,

"Deemed a screw-up by his peers, Tommy, a young, inexperienced gangster wants desperately to be accepted by his criminal brethren. But when a job turns sour and Tommy realizes he's been pulled into a sadistic and deadly recruiting game, he learns only too late that he's been betrayed by those he trusted most. When the tables turn, everyone will learn, in gruesome detail, the Three Ways to Kill a Mook."

Jesse and Nick are well into post-production, currently working on Addition Dialogue Recording (ADR) and finalizing the score on the film itself.  When the film is closer to completion, we'll have Jesse and Nick back in the studio to update everyone on what's been going on since August, when we can expect to see a public release, and their future projects (I know, but I'm not telling!).  The film stars Larry Sharp as Uncle Danny, J.W. Harmon as Tommy, Nick Turnbow as Mickey, and Tony Kerns (ME!) as Joe.

Be sure to keep up with the progress of "3 Ways To Kill A Mook" on their FACEBOOK PAGE, and you can check out pictures and the original interview from August HERE!