PSY's “Gangnam Style” recently became the most watched video on YouTube, passing over that awful Justin Bieber song “Baby.” Because the video is so popular, you know people are going to mimic it, and sometimes those results don't turn out so well. That's the case with this group, who decided they would perform the dance on tables, and you can guess the outcome. It became a Gangnam Style fail.

You'll notice that five people partake in the festivities. Three of them utilize counter space, while two of them find tables. The guy on the table to the right has the right idea, he's moving his body but not jumping on it. The other dude... he decided the correct path to happiness is failing on YouTube.

I've put two videos below – one that shows the original, along with a second video that a troll got hold of and changed things up. I think the second video packs a lot more punch.