For those of you keeping track, this marks the second official trailer released for the upcoming trilogy finale, "The Dark Knight Rises".  And this time around we learn a few things...

  1. Commissioner Gordon is going to be moved out of his job soon by the Mayor.
  2. Gotham has been in a time of "peace" before Bane rips everything up.
  3. The rumors of Catwoman having the "Occupy Wall Street" mentality seem to have some truth.
  4. 8 years later, they are still honoring Harvey Dent.
  5. Bane has his own version of Batman's Tumbler.
  6. Batman has a BATWING!

All I can say is that I'm even more excited now for this movie.  And from Bane's one line in this trailer, it is clear that the rumors are true and Bane became Ra's Al Ghul's protege after Bruce left during the events of "Batman Begins".  I think it is safe to say this will be the biggest film of 2012.  Sorry "Avengers".