Yes, you read that right.  the 64-year-old Food Network star was recently named "The Hottest Female TV Chef" by Maxim Magazine.  Wondering why?  According to Maxim,

Anthony Bourdain may think she's the most dangerous person in America thanks to her calorie-packed cooking, but we find danger sexy. Just imagining the slippery, sloppy butter-sex we'd have with Paula makes us... hungry for a bacon-wrapped, beer batter-fried stick of butter, weirdly.

Yeah... how's that for a mental image?  Paula Deen is expected to comment on her new title tonight on "The Joy Behar Show" on Headline News Network tonight.  I'm by no means saying that a woman has to be skinny to be beautiful.  But does this seem right to anyone else?  Check out who Paula Deen beat out for this honor!

via Maxim Magazine