Rumors have been going around for quite some time about the title of the upcoming James Bond film, currently titled "Bond 23."  Possible names have included Ian Fleming original titles "007 In New York" and "Property of a Lady", as well as the title of the new Bond novel "Carte Blanche."  Earlier this week, Sony Pictures registered 15 website domain names that use a new title, "Skyfall."  Though this is still a rumor, Sony taking the time and resources to register the name "Skyfall" is a very good indication that this is the new name.  With principle filming expected to begin in the next few weeks, official word on the title as well as casting is expected soon.  The new domains include...

Another key rumor expected to be confirmed/shot down in the next few weeks is the identity of the villain for the new film.  During a BAFTA lecture, "Bond 23" screen writer John Logan was reminded by an audience member of a quote that Logan himself made 10 year prior that James Bond should always be fighting Blofeld.  When reminded of this, Logan smiled and replied,

"Bond should always fight Blofeld."

For those unfamiliar with James Bond lore, Ernst Stavro Blofeld was the only consistent villain for James Bond in the books and early films.  As the head of SPECTRE and the man who killed Bond's wife, Blofeld was always played by a different actor, the most famous portrayal of this character was in "You Only Live Twice", the basis for Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers."  However, due to legal action over the story "Thunderball", EON Productions lost the rights to SPECTRE and Blofeld.  To remedy this, the new organization Quantum was introduced for the Daniel Craig films, with confirmed cast member Ralph Fiennes being rumored as the new Blofeld (or equivalent character).

via IGN