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Lady Gaga Sells Over 1 Million Copies Of New Album
Who said the music industry is dead?
As many had predicted, Lady Gaga sold over 1 million copies of 'Born This Way' in its first week of release. The exact number is 1.11 million copies, according to, making it the 10th-highest debut for a CD, and the best-selling debut since 50 Cent…
Lady Gaga Releases New Song: The Edge Of Glory [AUDIO]
After her divisive second single, 'Judas,' Lady Gaga has returned with the third track off her upcoming CD 'Born This Way.'
Titled 'The Edge of Glory,' the song is another uptempo anthem from the illusive pop star, and features everything from a heart-thumping intro to, um, a sax solo (which we're pr…
Lady Gaga Releases ‘Born This Way’ Album Cover
Hot on the heels of her new single, 'Judas,' Lady Gaga on Friday released the cover art for her upcoming album 'Born This Way'
As one might guess, the cover is everything from awesome to downright bizarre, as it depicts the pop superstar as part-human, part-motorcycle (yep).
According to her Twitter, …
Lady Gaga Releases Bollywood Version Of ‘Born This Way’
First, it was country road. Now, Lady Gaga is taking on the world of Bollywood.
Yep, today, the always-unpredictable pop superstar released a Bollywood version of her number-one single 'Born This Way.'
Gaga herself took to Twitter on Monday to explain why she recorded it.
Lady Gaga Censored In Malaysia
Lady Gaga and controversy?  You don't say!  Yep, Lada Gaga in the headlines again, this time for being censored by the Malaysian government.  Officials in Malaysia have ordered all radio stations to play a censored version of "Born This Way" because the pro-gay …