Top 5 Things A Real Man Should Know
Guys, I think we are all trying way to hard to be manly. A new survey out of England (which may explain why the manliness level is so low...discuss) found that the top things a man should know are all things you could teach a monkey.
The Top 5 Biggest Turn-Offs for Men

This one is definitely for the ladies.  If you are looking for Mr. Right, or even Mr. Right Now, you might consider avoiding these things based on a poll done by the website Female First.

Who is The Hottest Texoma News Guy? – Vote Now!

Forget who is the best journalist. Forget who does the best hard-hitting stories.  At 929 NIN we want to know which one gets your vote for the hottest  Texoma News Guy!  Which one brings it with a capital B when letting you know about the most recent house fire? Which one steams you u…

9 Sneaky Things You Won’t Believe Guys Do To Improve Their Looks
Women may be known as the fairer sex, but men still do their fair share of ridiculous surgeries, tight clothing buying and dimple surgeries in an effort to not look like a four foot tall troll. And while there are some enhancements that are important for medical reasons, there are more that just all…

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