My wife and I pride ourselves on being fans of vampires long before the craze kicked into gear with "Twilight".  When the craze was in full swing, Lindsey and I were a little miffed at what we considered to be fake fans jumping on the bandwagon, but we were still happy that vampires were getting their due.  True, I do not think you can truly classify the Cullen clan as "vampires", but there was a renewed interest in real vampires in "Dracula", "The Lost Boys", "Monster Squad", etc.  Though vampires are a cultural icon bigger than ever before, as a vampire purist, I have to say that I hope the vampire craze ends soon!

The "Sexy Vampire Reusable Mentrual Goddess XL/Postpartum Cloth Pad" is available for purchase, and has been for 2 years, on  According to the website,

"An extra long version of the Goddess pad, measuring at a whopping 16 inches long it's surely to be the only pad you'll need for your heaviest overnight flows or after childbirth.

The inner core consists of two layers of flannel sandwiching two layers of terry cloth and backed with the softest matching black fleece. There have matching black poly resin snaps with two snap settings for a more personal adjustment."

In the past few years I have seen vampires put on every item you can think of from bandages to personal items I will not talk about in this post.  To be honest, this has to be the craziest one of them all.  Did they really need to put a creature that sucks blood on a product that... well... you know.