Everyone loves to go out to eat. Not only do you not have to cook, but you don’t have to clean up afterward either! When it comes to WHERE to go to eat, however, everyone has a different idea.

We did a little bit of research on Yelp and came up with a list of the top ten highest rated restaurants in Wichita Falls based on customer reviews. Options range from coffee houses and food trucks to Mexican, Greek, even German suggestions. This being Texas, you know burgers and steaks will be on the list.

One of the things you’ll notice is that the list is entirely made up of dining establishments that are unique to Wichita Falls. So look the list over, call a friend or two, and meet them for some true local “flavor” for lunch or dinner soon.

10. Opa's Schnitzel Haus

2611 Plaza Pkwy | (940) 613-0611

9. McBride's Steakhouse

4537 Maplewood Ave | (940) 263-0229

8. Pelican's

2301 Midwestern Pkwy | (940) 687-0072

7. Gyros and Kebobs

3104 Kemp Blvd |(940) 692-6991

6. Backporch Drafthouse

4214 Kell Blvd | (940) 234-7777

5. Hibiscus Cafe

1616 Pearlie Dr | (940) 855-5881

4. 8th Street Coffee House

710 8th St | (940) 716-0501

3. Gutierrez Family Restaurant

513 N Mlk Jr Blvd | (940) 322-3511

2. Willies Place

3135 10th St | (940) 687-2271

1. The Gypsy Kit

Food truck serving Wichita Falls and the Surrounding Area | (940) 264-8646

Have you tried all of the restaurants on this list? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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