Your friend has invited you to a baby shower. You come to the event, gift in hand, and celebrate the new life that is about to be born. You chat with others, catch up with those you haven’t seen in a while, and play a few games (some of which may even be fun). Then it comes time to cut into the cake. Some showers have tasteful cakes, but some are awful, humorous, or just nasty. Here are a few of the most horrifying and inappropriate baby shower cakes that have been served up.

  • 1

    Is There Another Way?

    Nothing says “yum” like thinking about your friend bumping uglies while you’re eating. Sure, you know how the baby got there, but do you really need a reminder?

  • 2

    The Making of

    Like the last cake, this one offers up a reminder of how your friend got a baby in her belly, but does so with a visual aid. Who wants the uterus? Anyone? Anyone?

  • 3

    Boobs and Bump

    Nothing says love for your child like a lacy bra and panties. Does anyone else think there may be a stripper pole in the bedroom? The hacking away on a leg is also sexy. Score one for hot mommies!

  • 4

    Dirty Diaper

    If this party didn’t have the game where you’re guessing what chocolate bar is in the diaper, they missed out. Nothing is more appetizing than the thought of eating fecal matter, so the maker of this cake nailed it.

  • 5

    Bump and Dump

    Again, we’re wondering what could possibly be appetizing about a diaper full of poo. And just in case you were wondering if you misunderstood the diaper, the cake spells it out for you.

  • 6

    Got Milk?

    Is it cold in here?

  • 7

    Cat in the Hat Creeper

    Every woman in labor dreams of a creeper to watch the magic happen. As a guest, you can choose to eat a scary Cat in the Hat or perhaps you’re more interested in your friend’s lady parts. Grandma is proud of this one!
  • 8


    The only thing this cake is missing is a hemorrhoid or perhaps the placenta. Mmmm… And it’s chunky!
  • 9

    The Race

    Aside from the inappropriate visual, what is the this cake trying to say?

  • 10

    Eat the Baby

    The placenta is clearly the most appetizing item on this cake, but don’t forget about eating the baby’s head or backside. A lot of thought and talent went in to making this cake, the most of us aren’t down for eating babies.