Cooking a Thanksgiving meal is usually a group effort with lots of hands in the mix making mashed potatoes, gravy, the turkey, slicing up veggies, making pies, and more! So how do you keep all the food safe with everyone helping?

Here are 4 tips for safe and healthy Thanksgiving food preparation.

  1. Be Clean - Wash your hands and preparation surfaces often.
  2. Separate Raw Meats From Other Foods - Prepare the turkey away from the salads and other foods. And again make sure you are cleaning surfaces and your hands often to avoid contamination.
  3. Proper Cooking Temperature - Make sure your turkey reaches an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees. Get a thermometer to test it - the 'turkey timer' isn't always accurate.
  4. Put Away The Leftovers Promptly - If you leave the leftovers out too long thinking that guests will be back soon for seconds - it is safer to put it in the fridge in small portions.