If you haven't realized by now, Facebook is full of lies. So many lies that it can be hard to really get to know someone through internet stalking now-a-days.

So if you're out there scanning Facebook looking for your next late night hook-up, be sure you know how to sift through all the lies.

A new survey has determined the seven things women lie about the most on Facebook, and it's not surprising that photo shopping their pictures is the most lied about.

You can check out the list below and next time you're on Facebook, remember that that hot chick you've been talking to all day may possibly be a dude, or not as pretty as her pictures make her appear.

Here are the 7 lies women use on Facebook:

1.  Photo shopping photos to hide their true features.

2.  Posting lies about work so it looks like they are actually climbing the corporate ladder, instead of just sleeping with the boss.

3.  Only posting about exciting nights so they seem more interesting and neglecting the nights when they are all alone crying over a tub of ice cream.

4.  Only posting pictures of home when all the ice cream tubs and other garbage is cleaned up.

5.  Only posting about the adorable things their kid does, instead of the actual grossness that is raising children.

6.  Posting old photos from when they looked better, in other words before their freshmen fifteen tripled.

7.  Untagging themselves in photos if they don't look perfect, because nobody will recognize you if you're not tagged.