Jessie Pond had her weekend ruined when she opened her water bill and saw her amount due at nearly $3,000.00.

The $2,992.61 bill was estimated by the city's new digital/wireless water meter. KFDX accompanied Pond to the Wichita Falls Water Department to discuss her bill. She was told that the bill was only an estimate, but after they agreed to have someone physically read her meter, her bill was corrected down to $69.00.

Jessie Pond isn't the only resident to have issues with the city's new water set up. Matt Larsen reported that he was unable to access the meter lid to shut off the water to his home to repair a leak. He finally had to call a city employee to come out, who was also unable to open the lid. When the city was finally able to open the lid and turn off Larsen's water, he was charged for it.

Blake Jurecek, director of information technology and facilities, is asking for residents' patience while they work out the issues with the new meters like Larsen had,

We had some meter lids that we got in early on in the project that the key whole is a little different shaped. So, we are just swapping those out. The manufacturer is actually going and fixing those as we find them and getting that cleaned up.

Uutility collection manager Garry Capron is asking residents to call 940-761-7414 if they have any issues or receive a bill that seems incorrect.

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