How safe do you feel living in Wichita Falls? Would you feel safer in a city like Frisco or Plano?

Looking at Texas overall, the top 9 safest cities for the state are in the top 25% percentile nationwide. Like other lists we've reported on, this list from looks at several factors in personal safety and using FBI data to assign a score to each, culminating in an overall score and rank. For this list, the criteria considered includes:

Murder Rate
Rape Rate
Robbery Rate
Assault Rate
Burglary Rate
Larceny Rate
Vehicle Theft Rate
Population : Officer
Violent Crime % Change
Property Crime % Change
Population Density
% Population Change
% Youth Population (15-24)
Median Income
Education Level

The list only covered cities with a population greater than 50,000, coming up with a list of 65 cities. Of those 65, Wichita Falls didn't do as well as we'd hope, coming in at 46th overall, right between Dallas and Fort Worth.

What do you think of where Wichita Falls placed on the list? Do you feel safe living here?

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