I have to admit that I’ve never really paid any attention to the codes they announce over the intercom at Walmart. But that’s about to change. 

Common Cents Mom published an article explaining what each code meant. In many cases, the codes are nothing for the average customer to be concerned about. 

The various numbers, colors, and letters used are ways for employees to communicate with each other on everything from new sales to break times to spills and more serious security-related issues. This article focuses on the serious stuff shoppers need to be aware of. 

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While people have done crazy things since the dawn of time, the craziness has ramped up over the last couple of decades. And so often, the craziness happens in public places like shopping malls and big box retailers. 

With Walmart being one of the most prominent big box retailers, almost everyone finds themselves there quite often. I find myself there at least once a week. 

If that’s you, know that you need to immediately evacuate the building if you hear any of the following codes: 

Code Red – This code means there is a fire in the store. The code is usually followed by a number that indicates the area of the store where the fire broke out. 

Code Blue – This code is announced when there is a potential bomb threat happening at the store. 

Code Brown – This code is given out when a shooter is on the premises. If you’re not near an exit, follow employees' instructions and remain calm. 

Hopefully, we’ll never hear those codes in our lifetimes. But if we do, we know it’s time to get out of the building.

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