Everybody at one point in time has that big idea that if only they had the means to execute might just be the next "BIG THING" needed by all. So take a listen to the Kidd Kraddick Morning show and see if any of these products would spark your interest enough to Fund-Do or make it a Fund-Don't.

The first item up for discerning is the world's first voice mask for a smart phone, protecting speech privacy when speaking in any public area. The best part about this is  that it protects not only the caller but also the recipient from surrounding background noise and eliminates any possibility of their conversation from bothering anyone else around.

Yes, this is an awesome idea, but Kellie and the group really found the design to be far too cumbersome and bulky to be effective at all. Kellie, did at first though almost jump the gun when she learned that this device was perfectly named "Hush Me". It just so happens that the word hush is truly a favorite word of Kellie's.

I believe my favorite item of the day would have to be the "Splunger" and yes it is said to be the world's first dual action splash-less plunger. Kellie gives her expert opinion and the real item she would much rather see would be a disposable plunger as she only ever plunges once before throwing away.

The "Guacy-Talkie" is up next and Big Al feels one should certainly invest and purchase such a novelty, sadly doesn't seem like many others have jumped on board yet. Check out the show and see what you would consider a Fund-Do or a Fund-Don't.

Listen to the Show and see the products below. Plus, see the GoFundMe honorable mention HERE!

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