As if the original iPad was not cool enough, Apple had to keep us coming back for more with the iPad 2, which caused quite a stir in our household because it came out within weeks of us buying the first iPad.  So now we must somehow find a way to survive with our camera-less iPad (you can add that to the list of First World Problems.)

Now,  with the new IPad 3 being introduced at today’s (March 7) Apple event, there are many rumors flying around as to what exactly it will be capable of.  There are speculations that a new technology called Senseg could be incorporated into the iPad in the near future.  Senseg technology turns touch screens into “feel screens.” Users will be able to feel textures, contours and edges.  Take a look at the demo to see just how cool this new technology really is.

Trusted Reviews sat down with Senseg last June to talk about its technology: