I know anyone who has been on Facebook or Pinterest has heard of “First World Problems.”  These are problems that people face in industrialized, wealthy countries. Some of the most popular ones are:

-I accidentally clicked Itunes and had to wait 2 minutes for it to open before I could close it again.

-My GPS made me drive through the ghetto.

-I’m trying to text while at a red light, but I keep making all the greens.

-The Domino’s Pizza tracker is not working.  Now I don’t know when to put my pants on.

-I am being forced to get Facebook Timeline

-I have an uncontrollable craving for a giant overpriced cupcake but its 2 am and no cupcake shops are open…..but wait!

Introducing the very first cupcake ATM.   It’s nice to know that Sprinkles, a Beverly Hills cupcake bakery is doing their part in trying to solve our first world problems.

Watch the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in action: