Here's a man who takes his job (and humanity) seriously and goes above and beyond for his customers!

When American Airlines flight 2354 from Los Angeles to Dallas/Fort Worth was diverted to Wichita Falls Regional Airport and then canceled due to poor weather conditions on Thursday, the captain of the flight, Jeff Raines, took it upon himself to order 40 Papa John's pizzas for his stranded passengers to enjoy.

Now, the captain didn't just order the pizzas from the cockpit and then go about his business, he actually ran back and forth hand-delivering the pizzas to the passengers as they gathered outside.

Of course, Captain Raines gives credit to his entire team for handling the situation like pros. He posted a comment on Facebook saying,

My First Officer was on the telephone with crew tracking/hotel desk arranging for our release and hotels for the entire crew. The Flight Attendants manned a galley cart from the aircraft serving waters, juice, and sodas to all the passengers in the terminal. All while the Envoy SPS Personnel were arranging for a bus, re-booking flights, and answering a flurry of questions from these passengers. Thanks to everyone for your help - there is no "I" in TEAM.

Well done, Captain and crew! Feel free to visit Wichita Falls any time!

Josh Raines posted the video footage of the passenger pizza party to Twitter and said he doesn't think he's ever seen anything like it. The video quickly caught the attention of several national media outlets, including CNN, giving Captain Raines and his crew the recognition they deserve for their stellar first class service.

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