Today, our lives are researched to death. You can practically find a study about just about anything... even the connection between your dating life and the smart phone you use. The good folks at have released just such a study.

Here are their 6 big findings:

#1.)  75% of people say that email and texting have "significantly" improved their dating lives.

#2.)  iPhone users are most likely to date someone in their workplace.  25% of iPhone users say they've had an office romance in the past five years. (Is there a "Fishing Off The Company Pier App"? Probably.)

#3) Android users are most likely to have sex on a first date, at 62%. (Dirty, Dirty Android Users.  Does that mean if a girl is drinking, smoking cigarettes, AND using an Android phone it's a SURE THING?)

#4.)  BlackBerry users are most likely to get DRUNK on a first date. (Could it be because they are depressed that they only have a Blackberry?)

#5.)  BlackBerry users are also most likely to experience love at first sight. (Very Needy because they are using a Blackberry?)

#6.)  The number one deal-breaker when it comes to dating and phones is actually pulling out your phone to text during a date. (Adds new meaning to the phrase "Keep It In your Pants!)