A new bill proposed in Arizona would require a small fee to unlock pornography on an internet-capable device, with the money going to Trump's border wall.

Republican Rep. Gail Griffin, R-Hereford, introduced House Bill 2444 which would require manufacturers and retailers of internet-capable devices to install a blocker that would prevent users from accessing pornographic materials without paying $20 to remove the block. The bill would also allow the manufacturers and retailers to charge any additional fees they desire to remove the block. According to the bill, to remove the block a buyer would have to prove they are a legal adult, pay the fee, and acknowledge a warning that deactivating the software will allow them to be subjected to obscene material.

Mike Stabile, a spokesman for the Free Speech Coalition, told the Arizona Mirror that legislation like this, which he notes is unconstitutional, is not a new thing, having been proposed in other states. However, what's new is the inclusion of President Trump's border wall in the bill.


The bill lays out what the money earned would go towards, which includes assistance for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, prostitution, child abuse, and sexual assault. But at the top of the list is "Build a border wall between Mexico and this state, or fund border security."

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