Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope everyone is starting their morning out better than these two. It looks like last night, Wichita Falls police were called out to 4100 block of Aspen. The husband told officers he had been playing on his Xbox when Amber woke up and came into the room. He said he turned the Xbox off and was changing channels on the television when she accused him of watching pornography.

She then grabbed a kitchen knife and tried to stab him. The two then had a bit of a tussle in the kitchen and the husband tried to put a chair in between them to stop her. She came down in a stabbing motion again and he suffered a cut to his finger. He said he yelled at her to stop or she could end up in jail, and she said she would call them to take her to jail.

Amber Salvador was charged with aggravated assault family violence and has a $25,000 bond. Never know what a Wichita Falls Christmas will bring, but I didn't think I would be writing this story this morning.

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