2020 is rapidly drawing to a close and 2021 is just around the corner. The new year usually brings new resolutions to improve ourselves and looking back on some of the habits we've picked up over the last few pandemic driven months we've got some work to do.

According to SWN Digital, a survey of about 2,000 adults, 800 of which were both over 21 and working from home, we've had a rough year.

The survey was conducted by One Poll on behalf of HOP WTR and had some major revelations.

Since we're hanging out at the house more, 40% of us said we're snacking more throughout the day, and it's not the healthy snacks we're reaching for. 33% said we're not eating enough fruits and vegetables and 39% said we're eating more comfort foods.

32% percent of us admitted to eating more junk foods and 31% said they were not eating three meals a day. The study was unclear as to whether we're eating more than three or less than three meals daily.

25% of those surveyed admitted to not exercising enough and 26% said they're consuming too much alcohol.

23% admitted to staying in their pajamas all day. That's fine if you're staying home and don't have any Zoom meetings, but if you're going to mask up and leave the house, at least put on some real clothes and shoes. PJ bottoms and house shoes at the local Walmart is a really bad look for anyone.

We're also sleeping in more. So much so that one in nine said they overslept to the point that they were late for work. And they were working from home.

About half of those surveyed said that they'd bailed on work early so they could get started drinking. They were probably the ones who were late for work at their home office the next day.

The study also revealed that about half of us (52%) have felt the need to consume alcohol while watching the news, and 64% said that virtual happy hours with coworkers have increased their alcohol consumption this year.

You can see more results on the SWNS Digital page.

When you put it all together, whether you do the whole resolutions thing or not we've got some pretty obvious things we can work on for 2021.

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