Black Friday: That crazy day when people literally bust down the doors to take advantage of incredible sales and discounts on their Christmas shopping. Some people even camp out for days in advance to make sure they are first in line.

For those of us who still want great deals, but aren't quite as overzealous about being first, when is the best time to hit the stores on Black Friday? Thank you, Google, for giving us the answers! The team at Google analyzed the data, crunched some numbers, and made some science happen to find out the peak shopping times on Black Friday.

While those early morning shoppers may get some of the limited edition deals, mornings are not actually the busiest time. The peak hours for shopping on Black Friday are actually between 2-4pm. So, if you are looking for the best time to shop, sleep a little late, get some breakfast, and hit up the stores during the lunch hour.

The statistics revealed a few more things that may be surprising. We all think that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, but really that's only true for electronics and cell phone stores. For most retail, they get busier the closer it gets to Christmas. Procrastinators unite!

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