Let's Just say Big Al and J-Si are somewhat accident prone but the grace of miracles are with us today. Big Al starts his morning with a daily prayer then on his drive to work says one more, usually about things he forgot before and about getting to work safely.

Today, when driving to work and on his second prayer, Al looked up in his rear-view mirror and saw a motorcycle going at least a 100 mph was coming right at him. Needless to say, mid-prayer, Big Al did what I am sure many would frown upon...

J-Si frequently rides his skateboard, has his own crew of bearded, 35 and older guys, and recently almost got hit by a car. He totally feared telling his wife he had to jump off the board and went under the vehicle. Is it time for him to give up skateboarding?

Listen to all of the details and so much more about Big Al's prayer oopsie and J-Si's almost-fatal encounter in the clip from the show below:

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