Stacy wrote in needing some real advice from our love expert, after a year of dating she is having serious questions on how to perceive her guy. Apparently, he is an avid fan of potpourri and lean cuisine and she finds it be a turn off. Stacy, in her mid-40s herself and tired of dating losers just needs some reassurance because he is kind person and someone she should want to be with.

Kellie is really the true expert on this topic as she reveals the concern she had on her first visit to Allen's place. Allen, due to having a beautifully decorated place and his acute attention to detail concerning his appearance really did make her feel the need to inquire about his "personal preferences". Yes, and as you will hear Kellie just came right out and asked him if by chance he was pitching for the other team.

Kellie and the guys really gave Stacy some great advice and when it comes to his being feminine in traits, the only two things that could seem feminine were potpourri and eating healthy frozen food. The consensus and blatant truth really is about what Stacy thinks she deserves.  But, would she prefer him living in a dump, beer cans on the coffee table, and a belly or a guy that takes pride in his appearance and his home. Who knows if the tables  were turned he might just be making that effort for her...wanting her to feel comfortable, respected,and proud of her man and something we should all do for those we love.

Check out the show below, Kellie's got so much more to say and letters to answer.. it's advice anyone should gain from listening to.

Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE.


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