You never know when you might meet that perfect someone or where you might meet them, but even before Tinder Tuesday begins, Jenna has a story that all of us can relate to. She by no means feels a person has to be tall, dark and handsome. Well, the handsome part is important. So, here she is waiting to get her meal that she ordered, grazing over a few samples and this guy comes over to her makes some small talk. Not thinking too much of it, but noticing he was really good looking. She picked up her food when it was ready and was getting ready to leave. As she feels, if you happen to meet someone you click with, why not go with it and just be open to it?

Well, Jason, as he introduced himself, thoughtfully did the one thing that would turn any elegant woman off. Jason politely went to shake her hand and had the grip of death. Handsome, not tall and a death grip handshake doesn't elude to a confident man, now including his being small in stature.

That 30 seconds was more than enough time for her to get her food and without making eye contact again exiting as quickly as possible. All gentlemen should understand when you shake a ladies hand, by all means don't have a limp wrist, but there is no need to squeeze the life out of it.

The whole event might have taken 60 seconds, but that should have you running or walking quickly out the door, according to Jenna.

Listen to Jenna's story and the rest of Tinder Tuesday below:

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