We all have a little bit of crazy in us…Candice a listener from the past originally said she didn't like losing any of her hairs in the event it became part of a crime scene. Well, Candice called back and explained that by no accident she pulls out stray hairs if feeling threatened or uncomfortable just in the event her DNA might be needed for evidence. Does that make her crazy?

Shelby called in with her fear of chewing gum in public bathrooms for fear of inhaling the germs, and Raul called in about his love of Roly Poly's. Apparently, no matter what, Raul walks with such careful attention preventing any Roly Poly's from ever being stepped on. He even requires those with him at any specific time do the very same! Does that make them crazy?

Listen to today's 'Does That Make Me Crazy' calls as the whole cast has so much to say. Even Jenna describes her disgust when someone around her, strangers or others, need to blow their nose but completely disregard doing so.

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