It finally happened for Big Al, his meeting with Blake Shelton!

Big Al has been putting it out in the universe for years, his love for Blake Shelton! He's been telling him that on Twitter for quite some time now.

Up until the helicopter picked Big Al up from the airport, he thought it was some kind of stunt or joke, but no, it actually happened! Blake Shelton saw all of the love that Al's been throwing around and had his manager invite Al up to the grand opening of one of Blake's new venue in Oklahoma and asked Al to introduce him on stage!

We were all left Friday wondering how the big weekend was going to go. Did Big Al pull a, well, a Big Al? Did he get Blake's phone number? Did he get to meet Gwen Stefani? Along with many other questions. Big Al answers a bunch of them and tells us about his memorable weekend in the best of video clip below.

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