Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani spent their Fourth of July holiday poolside, decked out in patriotic colors and soaking up the sun.

Both members of the star power couple shared snapshots of the holiday: Stefani shared a carousel of photos on Instagram, including a smiling couple's selfie, a snapshot of tiny American flags stuck in olives and another photo that shows off her red, white and blue outfit. Featured in the photos is a small beer flight, since Stefani and Shelton went beer tasting for the holiday.

The country star got in on the fun, too, sharing a snap of himself and his pop superstar wife smiling for the camera, the water in the background.

"Happy 4th, y'all!!!!!" he writes in the caption of his post.

But behind the scenes, things were a little less put-together and a little more hilariously chaotic — a fact that Stefani documented in another social media video she posted from the day. In it, Stefani explains to the camera that a beer tasting is the main event for the day — she even used Shelton's song "The More I Drink" as the soundtrack to her post.

"A little bit of beer tasting. I don't even like beer. But we're doing it!" Stefani explains from her spot in the pool, a glass in her hand. "I give this a 9!"

Beer might not be Stefani's favorite beverage, but Shelton likes it enough for the both of them — he's even got his own drinking-themed game show, called Barmaggedon. So of course, the beer tasting got even crazier once Shelton joined the festivities.

"Freshly mowed grass," Shelton says at one point, offering his thoughts on the beer in his hand. "It tastes like if you mowed grass and put it in beer."

Later on, Stefani gets the idea to write down a grid system to keep track of the scores they're giving each drink, and Shelton can't resist making some lighthearted fun at his wife's drawing skills.

"This is what the grid looks like if you start drawing it after you've already gotten into the beer tasting," he deadpans.

But soon it's Stefani's turn to crack jokes at Shelton's expense — after he gets a little too enthusiastic about the beer tasting process.

"You drank that entire thing?! It was a tasting," she says at one point.

"That's how much it takes to taste," he replies.

Shelton and Stefani have had much to celebrate in recent days. In addition to the July 4 holiday and the release of Stefani's new Shelton-inspired single, "True Babe," the couple also marked their second wedding anniversary on July 3.

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