Wichita Falls Police investigators have confirmed the identity of a man whose body was discovered in a canal near the Fort Worth/Denver railway tracks in the 2500 block of Old Iowa Park Road on May 31.  Police say that the victim is in fact 44 year-old Brent Allen of Wichita Falls.  The Tarrant County Medical Examiner found no evidence of foul play and police are investigating the death as a drowning.

News Talk 1290 spoke with Morris Holder of Odessa at the scene of the discovery.  Holder, who is the victim's brother said he discovered the body Sunday morning and told us at that time he was certain it was his brother.   Allen had been staying at the Eagle Inn Motel on Iowa Park Road and went missing on May 25th at around 1:30 am.

Police and family members had been searching for Allen for several days.  Holder said he traveled to Wichita Falls to be with his mother as the search continued.  He said he decided Sunday morning to return to the area where his brother was last seen and discovered the body in the canal on the south side of the railroad tracks.