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Summer is right around the corner and with the temperatures in North Texas easily in the triple digits, we all need a place to cool off. Burkburnett residents wanted a new pool and they sure got what they asked for.

What most people don't understand, sometimes it's more cost efficient to build a whole new facility, than upgrading an old one. Two years ago Burkburnett residents wanted the pool facility upgraded and city officials decided to build a whole new facility. The city is proud to introduce the 'Boomtown Bay Family Aquatic Center.'

It's nearly complete and is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend near the end of this month. The great thing about this facility is that it's bringing 68 new jobs to the community. Drinking water was not used to fill the facility. I think I speak for everyone in saying thank goodness the cold is gone, bring on summer. Taylor Barnes of KAUZ was able to get a great video of the new park which you can see above.

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