Attempting to make sure future students don't have to suffer as they have, Burk's 2017 Senior Class tried to sell the school online as a senior prank.

As Graduation day approached, users on Facebook came across a listing in the Marketplace section, listing Burkburnett High School on sale for a pretty reasonable price, TOTALLY FREE. The listing points out the amenities of the location, including "6-ish" bathrooms, and talking up its convenient location near donuts and wildlife,


Ok, gotta give some credit to whomever came up with this. Pretty funny, but you youngsters got a lot of ground to cover if you want to match what we did back in the day. You swipe a teacher's van for a Sonic run and get away with it, then we'll talk.

(Note: Townsquare Media does not condone Grand Theft Auto of a teacher's vehicle, even if it was pretty funny and for a tasty milkshake)

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