People have spotted the Grinch and the local police department is on the case.

Crazy news, The Grinch is in Texoma and stealing presents from the children of Burkburnett. I know we all thought Whoville was an imaginary town. According to one of the Burkburnett Police Officers, it's just past Electra. Need to go make a road trip and check that out.

A lot of work went into this little Christmas video as a reminder to be on the lookout for local 'Grinches' wanting to come steal your Christmas presents. The KFDX news crews is a part of the fun, the children of Burk have been turned into the Whos with that crazy hair and the Grinch is still the Grinch. If only Whoville had a decent police department, they could have easily gotten him.

Turns out Santa is also the judge in Burk. I mean, it makes sense Santa is a judge. Probably makes it pretty easy for him to make that naughty and nice list. Santa threw the book at the Grinch for trying to ruin Christmas. The Grinch's punishment will be to take photos with kids before the Burkburnett parade at the Police Station. So go annoy him on December 14 with your photos.

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