What would you do if you found out that Miss Universe used to be a man? I like to think my reaction would be something like this. That being said, check out the gallery of a Canadian Miss Universe Pageant contestant that had gender reassignment surgery at 19.

So you're looking at photos of a Canadian model named Jenna Talackova right now.  She's hot.  She was also born a man.  And you would NEVER know it by looking at her. The organizers of the Miss Universe Canada pageant sure didn't know by looking at her.  Jenna was on her way to winning the Miss Vancouver pageant when they got a tip that she was born male.

They asked her, and she said yes, she was born male . . . but she's known that, deep down, she was meant to be a woman since she was four.  She had full gender reassignment surgery at age 19, and she's legally a woman now.

But, the rules of the pageant require every contestant to be a, quote, "naturally-born female."  Jenna checked the box saying yes, she was a naturally-born female.  So she's been disqualified from competing for that lie.

Ever since she was disqualified, people have been outraged and pushing the pageant to let her compete.  So far, they haven't backed down.