Knowing that people are actually doing it, the CDC tweeted a reminder to not wash and reuse soiled condoms.

As disgusting as that sounds, people are actually doing it, either out of cost-cutting measures or pure ignorance of the proper use. Prophylactics are meant as single-use items, and the use of a previously soiled and washed one, or even the use of an unused, unrolled one, can drastically diminish its effectiveness. The quality and the strength of the latex can be damaged during cleaning, and trying to put on an unrolled one prevents a proper seal and coverage to prevent pregnancy and/or transmission of disease. Dr. Alyssa Dweck told Buzzfeed News,

There's no way you can confirm the integrity of the condom for protection against pregnancy once it has been used, removed, washed, and replaced.

For those who are doing it out of a financial burden, low-cost or free condoms are usually available through the health department, Planned Parenthood, doctor’s offices, and college and community health centers.

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