One day removed from April Fool's Day and as best as I can tell, most of my friends just stayed home and let the day pass.  For me, April 1st hasn't been about the jokes, but seeing the jokes celebrities and companies put together.

Over the past several years, April Fool's Day has been a perfect time to put together a fake trailer for a movie or video game, pull a joke on a game show contestant or host, or just release a funny video.  These are some of the best videos over the past few years of such jokes and pranks.

Charlize Theron Sex Tape

Those words alone are enough to blow up a Google search.  However, I doubt Theron would ever be caught in such a situation, which makes this video more humor that prank.

"Aurors" Trailer

At the conclusion of the Harry Potter book series and the then-upcoming conclusion of the film series, movie & entertainment website IGN put together a fake trailer for a Harry Potter television series called "Aurors", following the exploits of the Dark Wizard catchers working at the Ministry of Magic.  For many fans, this was actually a convincing trailer, making many wish an actualy series would be made.

"The Price Is Right" Showcase Prank

On April Fool's Day, Drew Carey pulled a fast one on a final contestant at the showcase showdown, giving her the worst possible showcase, then switching it out with something worth while.

"Legend of Zelda" Trailer

IGN has made a reputation for the regular fake trailers for each April Fool's Day.  While the trailer for "Aurors" fooled a few, the trailer for "The Legend of Zelda" fooled almost no one.  The quality of the trailer was such that few believed it to be a wide-release film.  However, the attention to detail within the trailer was to such a high degree that many fans of "The Legend of Zelda" hold this trailer in high esteem.

"Hollywood Squares" Difficult Contestants

Instead of pulling one on a contestant like "The Price is Right" did, "Hollywood Squares" pulled an April Fool's Day prank on their host, Tom Bergeron.  The worst nightmare for any game show host is a difficult contestant.  And instead of one, Tom Bergeron had to deal with two.

"Assassin's Creed" Kinect Trailer

This year's best fake trailer award goes to "Assassin's Creed" Kinect for the XBox 360.  The hands free motion controll of the Kinect has been popular among gamers, but a regular criticism is that there are just some games that will not transfer over to such a control scheme.  The idea of an "Assassin's Creed" game for Kinect was enough to make many fans click to see the trailer.  But instead of trying to fool the audience for the entire video, the faults of such an idea revealed the humor and truth behind it.