When people decide something is art, then it's art ,no matter how crappy it looks.  And, Scarlett Johansson's new tattoo is a testament to that.


Scarlett got a poorly-drawn horseshoe on her ribcage, along with the words "Lucky You".  And it looks like a child drew it. The thing is, it was actually drawn by a famous French artist who goes by the name Fuzi.  And this is just his style.  He does a lot of tattoos, and they all look like they're poorly-drawn.  

Scarlett's a fan of this guy so we have to assume she's very happy with her new ink. Meanwhile, just about everybody she shows this to is going to think she got RIPPED OFF by a shoddy tattoo artist.  Either that, or it was done by her prison cellmate.  Is it really "hip" when pretty much NOBODY gets it?