The Texas Agriculture Commissioner is trying to figure out why and Chipotle doesn't seem to have a good answer. 

It doesn't seem like Chipotle has a problem with just Texas beef, but all American beef as of this post. Turns out the beef used in their restaurants for our area comes from Austrailia. The Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples is trying to figure out why you would import beef more than 8,000 miles when local ranchers would love to work with Chipotle.

A spokesperson from Chipotle says that hormone and antibiotic free beef supplies have dwindled here in Texas. Todd says that is not true and has several ranchers that would love to comply with Chipotle's standards.

“If the market is demanding a product, Texans can provide that both grass fed and grain fed beef are both very safe for you.” said Commissioner Staples, “But if consumers want a product Texas ranchers are ready to deliver”.

The Chipotle spokesperson went on to say that they only use a portion of the entire animal and unless ranchers are willing to take a loss they won’t be able to buy Texas beef. In the past few days, the Chipotle CEO has agreed to meet with Staples and see if the company can switch to using meat from right here in the Lone Star state.

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