Last night Kellie went over to Allen's apartment to help him get ready for the movers that are coming on Saturday, this turned out to be quite a daunting task. Allen has had weeks to get his things ready and has yet to make progress so Kellie gets into gear and just starts throwing anything and everything into boxes.

Allen is taking his leisurely time and it's driving Kellie crazy, they decide to just pack what they need and throw away anything they will not have any use for. All was fine and well until Allen decided he wasn't comfortable throwing things away that are still "perfectly good" in his mind.

Kellie had too much and just snapped at him, the fact that he didn't want to throw away untouched and expired food from 2007 was too much for her to conceive.

Listen to the show and see how they resolved these issues, maybe we all could learn something from this story.

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