I actually have been to this place and had no idea it was haunted. I'm not going back without the Ghostbusters. 

Back in college, I had to make a documentary to graduate. My group of five settled on this idea of a jump school up in Oklahoma. Where they do World War 2 style para trooping. It was a lot of fun and if you want to watch it, I put it below for you.

Turns out this place, where my group spent the night, is haunted. I was the only in my group that did not spend the night because I had a prior commitment here at the radio station. I actually sent them this story this past weekend when I saw it on Only in Your State. They had no idea about the haunting either.

The Society of the Haunted spent the night there and they believe they heard people talking and shadows moving around. One of the paranormal investigators began talking about his experience in the air force and ghostly activity increased in one of the planes. You can check out their findings in the video above.

The World War 2 Airbourne Demonstration Team has two schools throughout the year where you can learn to jump out of the plane like a paratrooper. Plus, you spend the night in the airplane hangar. Wouldn't you know it, the next one comes up in October. The perfect month for scary spooky stuff. Sign up, if you dare.

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