In 2022, nothing shocks me about things being in short supply. However in 1983, our great city was dealing with a different shortage...jelly beans.

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Looks like the fine folks at the Texas Archive of the Moving Image decided to put up an old Wichita Falls news segment. It comes to us from KAUZ and is about a shortage leading up to Easter time. Looks like the jelly bean harvest from 1983 was not a good one that year.

Oh, you though jelly beans were made in a factory? No, no, no, jelly beans are harvested from farmers who pluck these things from the soil and get them on store shelves for us. Unfortunately for us, we have an abundance of black jelly beans that year. Who is buying black jelly beans? Do you have no joy in your life?


Now who is blame for the shortage? Come on now, it's the early 1980's, it's the damn Russians fault once again. Those damn Soviet red beans are invading the country and we will not let that stand in Wichita Falls, Texas! Shout out to local reporter James Jackson for this hard hitting news piece for our city.


I'm thankful all you folks living in the 80's survived this shortage. I couldn't imagine not having jelly beans anymore. Also shout out to the farmers working hard on the jelly bean crop making sure those stores are stocked with those sugary treats.

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