Henri the Cat is feeling tormented and alone. He sleeps 15 hours a day, yet it doesn’t make him feel any better as he goes through life. The poor thing feels the same as many cats do as they plan their rise to power and eventual destruction of humans.

While I think Henri is hilarious, if these were truly his thoughts I would tell him to man up. My cats would probably have the same thoughts, yet they have me trained well. I open the door when they ask, give them treats when they ask, and even add ice cubes to their water when they stare at my longingly while sitting next to the water dish.

Yes, I’m a pushover.

Cats really do have it good. Because they’re oftentimes elusive, it’s like a treat when they suddenly treat you as though you’re the center of the universe. It’s their subtle way of making you feel loved and appreciated, but ultimately it gets them exactly what they want. If they don’t get their way, they act up. My cat has actually meowed at me to follow her, and upon my dismissal of her cries, has commenced to shredding the nearest chair until she got her way.

They really are a superior race in the animal kingdom.

Do you have pets? Do they pretend to be tormented to get exactly what they want?