Dog Shaming: The act of calling out our lovable pets for their mischievous shenanigans - a new hilarious trend that has taken the internet by storm.

If your dog is up to no good, eating garbage, stealing food, or hoarding blankets (like my three little angels pictured above), why not try making them feel guilty by outing them in public? Ok, so maybe the guilt thing is a stretch, but the pictures are funny as hell. All you have to do is grab a pen and paper, write down your pup's misdeed, and take a picture of them with the sign and a guilty look on their face - then post it online. There is even a site dedicated to posting dog shaming pics -

Some animal rights activists have contested the act of dog shaming calling it 'irresponsible' and 'mean.' To them I say, you just don't get it. It's a joke, and our pets are none the wiser and definitely not being hurt in anyway. So lighten up and have some fun.

We want to feature our local bad dogs (and other pets too)  here on our website. Take a picture of your pet being shamed and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #WFDogShaming and your picture will be featured on our site here!

Here are some of our favorite dog shaming photos: