We've all seen cute and funny videos of kids. We've seen funny videos of dogs. When you combine the two, it's bound to be hilarious.

Check out this video from Bryana Petry of the interesting way her Great Dane and her twins decided to play one afternoon. When Bryana went to check on her twin 4-year-old boys Miles and Owen playing outside, she couldn't help but grab the camera and laugh when she saw the hilarity taking place.

Gus, the Petry family's 7-month-old Great Dane, had somehow managed to pull Owen's pants off while he was on the swing. Gus tugged away at Owen's britches while he hung on for dear life, all while Owen's brother Miles tried his darndest to figure out how to get Gus to stop. Miles finally captured Gus' attention by throwing a stick across the yard, which Gus promptly chased after.

"That's the first time I've seen anything like that," Bryana said. "After this video I went out and explained to my kids they can't play with him like that and brought Gus inside. They are all best buds though," she continued.

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