Many fans loved Enhypen's latest music video for their catchy, flirty new song, "Bite Me," calling it "perfection."

However, some were not happy with the K-pop boy group's decision to feature female backup dancers in the choreography and even went so far as to send protest trucks to their entertainment company's building in South Korea.

On May 22, Enhypen dropped their fourth mini album, Dark Blood, along with the single "Bite Me." Fans immediately reacted to the music video and the live choreography at the group's comeback showcase, with some calling it "suggestive."

Per AllKpop, a group of Engene, who are fans of Enhypen, released a joint statement in Korean on May 23 that read, "ENHYPEN is still a young group which has yet to celebrate its 3rd anniversary since debut, and the team's average age is 19 years old, including members who are still minors. It is still too early in their careers to pull off choreography which comes across as old and suggestive."

"ENGENE demands that all choreography involving female dancers be removed from the 'Bite Me' performance," they continued. "Beginning with the pre-recorded stage for the May 25 broadcast of 'M! Countdown' which will be filmed at 2:30 AM KST, show us a performance consisting only of the 7 members of ENHYPEN. If the matter is not corrected, we will respond with additional organized action."

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Watch the music video for Enhypen's "Bite Me," below:

When the group didn't back down, fans sent a protest truck to the HYBE building, which houses the group's record label, BeLift Lab.

The truck's LED sign said, "BeLift Lab treats fans like fools. It is a company that stands in the way of its artists' success. It is a company that has no will for improvement. It is the HYBE label with the worst creative sense."

In response, another group of fans sent a new truck that gave the single positive promotion to counteract the protesters, according to a TikTok video that proclaimed the debacle "will go down in en-history [as] 'truck war.'"

On Twitter, one fan said, "I'm SO proud of Enhypen for not giving a f--- about the protests and negativity and keeping the female dancers and the choreography as it was."

"Enhypen are the bravest group I've ever seen," another fan proclaimed in a tweet.

Another fan said the group "really [don't give a f---] as they should."

"Enhypen dancing with women in their choreo..." another fan tweeted in celebration. "They're bringing back females in boy group MVs!!"

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