Over the years I’ve seen any number of animal species that friend each other in surprising ways. A dog will take on a baby monkey as her own, a pig will friend a kitten and they go everywhere together, or a bird will hang out with a gorilla all day. Whatever the mix, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kitten latch on to a turtle. In this case, it’s literally. This kitten is taking her turtle friend for a ride.

While the video is very simple, it’s still adorable and funny. The cat is simply hanging out, and if the turtle minds, you wouldn’t know it. Really, what is it going to do? Shake the cat off? Instead, it goes about its way, heading to whatever destination it has in mind.

If the roles were reversed, the cat would probably freak out. After all, cats don’t seem to like having things ride them around the house. Since that’s not the case, however, life is good. This kitten knows how to ride in style. All it needs now is a horn and a seat belt.