When you really need to go, you really need to go. My first choice isn’t a port-a-potty, but when that’s all that’s available, I’ll take it. That’s what happened with the people in this video. They walked into an available portable toilet, only to walk into a business meeting.

The people who pulled off this trick had to be quick about it. They moved a large structure to the front of the port-a-potty, so that when the user left, they were then walking into that structure. Within that structure is the “meeting” they’re entering in to, with one man clearly irritated that their business is being interrupted.

The looks on people’s faces are what really make the video. If you’re expecting to walk out into a parking lot, only to be faced with a group of people, I would probably be scratching my head as well. After hearing the truth, I think I’d also be confused as to how it all took place right outside of a portable toilet without me noticing. After all, it’s not like all sound is drowned out while you’re inside one.

What would you do in this situation?